By Gerald:

Get the Best Rental Deal

Do you have a rental property needing management? Let us

Ensure that it is well taken care of with these 10 points:

  1. Rental Appraisal – Do you need an independent rental appraisal on your property? Call us.

  2. Property Inspection – We can inspect your property and give you a Dollar Value Appraisal.

  3. Advertising and letting of your property – We do all the photos and market it to 1,000’s of potential renters.

  4. Open Homes and Property Viewing – We take care of all the potential renters for you.

  5. Tenancy Selection includes reference checks – We ensure you get the best tenant.

  6. Rent Collection – We keep on top of your precious rental incomes.

  7. Arrange repairs and maintenance – Anything broken? we get it economically fixed.

  8. Water charge collection – Water collection moneys are part of what we do.

  9. Routine property inspection – We arrange with tenants to inspect your rental regularly.

  10. Tribunal attendance – Any problems with a tenant, we fix it. (and even attempt to ensure that nothing goes wrong between all parties from the ‘get-go’).

OR: We could just find you the tenant and you continue thereafter with managing your own property.

INQUIRE ABOUT OUR FEES SCHEDULE – Let us assist you with Finding the right Renter.

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