By kwd:

Planning to Sell your House

Getting your home sold at the right price will need some considerations to prepare for a great result.

  • Try depersonalizing the home as much as possible as buyers do get distracted and focus on the owners rather than the property.
  • Buyers should imagine themselves living there. “we can not wait!”
  • Pack all valuables in a safe place.
  • Declutter; – clean rooms looks very big and ‘BIG’ SELLS.
  • This might be a good time for spring cleaning ‘kitchen / bathtooms’ etc.
  • Think about ‘boxing’ and ‘storing’ some of the less-used goodies.
  • Remember that you are moving onto better things for yourselves.
  • Tidy closets always looks great and smells fresh; buyers are impressed.
  • Buyers want to buy a good clean house.
  • Less furniture always creates more living space.
  • Fix or tidy up broken or ‘tired’ items of furniture.
  • Always keep doorways as unobstructed as possible.
  • Use rooms for its intended purpose. ‘No empty rooms’.
  • Working lights, alarm and appliances always diffuses buyer concerns.
  • Fix all little ‘obvious’ things to give a great first impression to buyers.
  • Clean windows, doors, garden paths and gardens ‘sparkels’ the property.
  • Keep the house and gardens tidy every day.
  • Airate the house and freshen the carpets to remove any odours.
  • Make your front door look like new. It is the INVITATION TO BUY.
  • Have another look at you house and see if it looks good.
  • Make it an inviting home for the next family.
  • Road frontage makes more buyers want to ‘view’. So landscape smartly.
  • More viewings gets you the best price for your house.
  • If you need some guidance to get it prepared, I’ll be happy to help.

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