By Gerald:

Should I Sell Privately

or, should I use an agent or coach to avoid the pitfalls when selling my house?

Here is a list of 12 things to consider when selling privately.

  1. Are you serious about selling
  2. What is the main reason for selling
  3. Any ‘secrets’ about the house that may affect a successful sale
  4. What price would you sell at
  5. Which sale process would best work for your house (timing/experience/sales in the area)
  6. Have you sold before
  7. How would you market for the best price
  8. How much time are you giving yourself to a completed sale
  9. What is your plan after you’ve made a successful sale
  10. Would you work with a sales coach
  11. Would you work with a real estate agent
  12. Do you have a solicitor to access the necessary sales documentation

An alternative would be using a coach to assist you every step of the way when you sell privately.

You get assistance and guidance with: 

  1. Local Market Trends            (a lot can change in a week in the property market)
  2. Title & LIM                           (these documents give you up to date information)
  3. Photography                        (professional photography adds value to your property)
  4. Copywriting                         (there is an art to telling the story about a property)
  5. Marketing/Advertising         (tell the right story to the right target market)
  6. Methods of sale                   (not every house will get the best price at auction)
  7. Open homes                        (be prepared to engage with buyers and answer questions)
  8. Negotiation                          (there is an art to getting the right price for your property)
  9. Disclosures                           (buyers need to know any detail which is material to decisions)
  10. Forms and clauses               (preparing a sale and purchase agreement needs to be accurate)
  11. Building inspections             (understanding the building report is important)
  12. Settlement date                   (ensure you have the correct dates in relation to the contract date)

Get in touch with us for more information and costs for using the services of a property sales coach to assist and give you professional guidance.

This service is invaluable and cost effective as well as ensuring you avoid the pitfalls of selling on you own.

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